It has been a long year. Too long for some person maybe. But for me, this year is short. Maybe my office policy about work form home since March does make this year look so short for me.

So, Covid-19 is still a thing, huh?

I remember in March we though (or just some of us) that Covid gonna last only till May or June. Boom, reality happens, and like we know this pandemic not gonna end even until next year. My mother also got infected and thank god that she is okay. Already tested negative last week. But the first time i hear the news, it broke my heart to pieces.

A lot of things happen this year. Because of this pandemic. Us, in Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) got pretty busy. Staying in the office till late night, lack of sleep, and a few times visit to emergency unit in hospital. Even though im not working in our Headquarter in Salemba, the tension is still there because of our part in national economic recoveries program or Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional (PEN).

I’m still a social worker. Managing more than 10 cases this year. Different case, bring different experience. This year i have client that got served with our sensational UU ITE. Some client with addiction, thievery, and also some are the perpetrator of sexual abuse to children. Almost in constant number every year.

This year i also got a new additional task, as a planner or perencana. Translating the program that we need to help children and it families to a details of financial number and term of reference or guideline. That’s why i rarely write anyomore (it is an excuse).

Oh, in February my very first journal is published. The title is “Burnout of Medical Social Worker”. It took place in Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat (RSUP) Dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung. If you want to read it just email me, and i’ll send you the link. Hopefully in 2021, there will be more academic publication from me.

2020 happen like a river that flow from mountain to a waterfall with high cliff. I’m an overthinker, and 2020 really did me good. One sadness to another in a swift. One hapiness to another also in a blink of eye.

2020 is a year of gratitude.

I still don’t know what gonna happen in the future. But i do know that i need to enjoy every bit of emotion that comes through.

Thank you for all that happens in 2020, even if i can change the past. I won’t change anything from this year. See you guys on the next year that probably gonna be the same, unless you make it as a memories in everything you do.

Be healthy, be safety. It is okay to not have it all figured out. Expect more from me in 2021.


Your friendly social worker,

R. B. Kartiko Aji