I Like My Coffee

i like my coffee, like how society handle the Covid-19 situation.
easy at the first taste, and quickly become bitter in a second.
they don’t know what gonna hit them, like my experience in tasting luwak coffee.
just know from online review, and hear another people story.

i like my coffee, like how media framing the people hysteria.
searching for the truth, even though they may get the bacteria.
i know it is a virus, but who cares? like how people treat a cup of coffee.
it will be the same how you drink it, between starbucks or “warung kopi”.

but, there is a condition where i don’t want any coffee.
it is when you are not around here to support me.

*diadaptasi dari cerita mas dan mbak di sebuah restoran yang tidak sengaja saya dengar.

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